Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

1What is the maximum thickness of wood which is used ?

We use a maximum of 3 inches thick wood.

1Do you have ERP for SAP ?

Yes we made on the system on Google and operating it on the cloud.

1Do you have all the policies in place for your factory ?

Yes then task factory is working on intranet and we have policies for each and every process in place

1Do you make everything in a factory for you outsource from other factories ?

We make 97% of things in our factory and there are only a few processes like plating which we get it done outside our factory

1What are your minimum order quantities ?

you can mix A 20 feet container with variety of Items but we prefer that we get a minimum 10 pieces in each style

1Are you able to provide the wood traceability and the legality of wood ?

Yes we have a proper traceability system in a factory and we only use wood from legal sources. We can provide you with all the documentation to prove the legality of wood and traceability.

1What are your payment terms ?

We work with 30% advance and rest on documents against payment

1What are the terms of the pricing ?

We mostly worked with FOB prices where we pay the freight charges to the port in India

1Which wood you mostly work with ?

we mostly work with Sheesham Acacia and mango. we also work with imported wood like Pine and Oak.

1Is your factory complaint?

Yes we have got recently got Smeta audit and we our SEDEX complaint

1Which shipping port do you use in India ?

We mostly use Mundra Port which is around 900 km from a factory

1Which city are you located in ?

We are located in Jaipur which is in Rajasthan it is failure dry please to manufacture an ideal quality furniture

1Family oriented business ?

Yes this is a family oriented business the two brothers who are handling the show

1What is your lead time ?

We usually take 90 days for production of every order but we are planning to reduce OUR LEAD time TO 60 days FOR REPEAT ORDERS

1What is the total number of Manpower you have any factory ?

We are blessed to have around 600 family members in Laxmi.

1What is the moisture content which keep in the wood ?

We usually keep 8 to 10% moisture in the wood

1What capacity is already consumed in a factory

We are occupied with 70% of the capacity we still have 30% to be filled as we are growing every year.

1How many units do you have ?

At present we are working in two factories and we are planning to expand to another big factory with all the modern facilities due to constant support of our customers.

1What is your production capacity ?

We are able to produce 40 to 50 high cube containers in a factory.

1Who is your biggest customer ?

Our biggest customer is XXX LUTZ., GERMANY